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Disneato episode 1 | DisNeato 2018 Episodes
DisNeato Podcast Episode 74:

The Final DisNeato Episode

The podcast comes to an end but we celebrate it remembering the history of the Sanderson Theory

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 73:

Recasting the Sanderson Sisters

It's no secret we love the Sanderson Sisters but can anyone be a Sanderson? We try the impossible this week on DisNeato Podcast

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 72:

Legend of Sleepy Hollow Live Commentary

With it being Spooky Season, the 70 Year Anniversary of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad AND the fact that Brooke and Andrew had never seen this classic cartoon... it seemed like a great time to watch it. Instead of our usual watching style they did a live commentary to the movie so find a copy of the short and watch along with us!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 71:

Breaking Down Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

This week Brooke and Andrew react as Producer Matt explains the things happening this year at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 70:

The Secret Disney Films of Touchstone Pictures

This week Andrew and Brooke breakdown their favorite films under the TouchStone Pictures label!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 69:

Top 5 Reasons Andrew is Single

We take another break from Disney Talk in order to focus on the Top 5 Reasons Andrew is Single as decided by Andrew. Brooke is there to either disagree or support this list. This is one of our most introspective episodes.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 68:

Andrew and Brooke's Endless Summer

Summer is winding down and Brooke and Andrew haven't been able to talk about any of the fun exciting things they've been up to the last few months. Hear about Brooke's riveting Labor Day, Andrew's thoughts on Lion King and how he almost died inner tubing.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 67:

D23 Reactions

Producer Matt collected the most exciting news from D23 and made sure that Andrew and Brooke knew as little of what was announced as possible. They break down the announcements coming to the Parks (specifically Epcot), Disney+ and theaters.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 66:

Andrew Explaining His Lunch

With all 3 members of DisNeato traveling like crazy we didn't find any time to sit down and record this week. So here's a blooper of Andrew explaining his lunch to Brooke for 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 65:

'What's on that Castle' and other hidden Disney Filth

We've been threatening to do this for a while but we finally did. We sat down and discussed some of the hidden filth that you can find in Disney cartoons. Spoiler alert, it's a lot of male sex organs.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 64:

Brooke and Producer Matt Discussing the New Lion King

Andrew is in Atlanta so Brooke and Producer Matt sit down and discuss their feelings on the newest Disney release The Lion King!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 63:

Matt and Andrew Dish Out What the Fork they Thought about Toy Story 4

Brooke is living it up at the beach but still hasn't seen Toy Story 4 so Andrew and Producer Matt sat down and discussed their thoughts (or at least how much they remember after a month plus since they saw it).

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 62:

Jam or Not A Jam: Classic Disney Vol 1 Edition

We're back with another round of Jam or Not a Jam discussing the first of the 5 volume "Classic Disney" releases of the late 90's/early 2000's. Apologies for some slight sound inconsistencies on this week's episode.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 61:

Dissecting The 28 Hottest Disney Men According to Nerdist

A few weeks ago our listener Daniel sent us a list of the 28 hottest Disney men (according to Nerdist) and needless to say ... we have some issues. Listen as Brooke and Andrew break down who made the list, their bizarre placements and who SHOULD be on the list.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 60:

The True Casting Issue with Little Mermaid

There's been a ton of controversy around the Little Mermaid but we hear at the DisNeato Podcast believe the focus has been all wrong! We break down the true casting issues and discuss Beyonce's new track and the Mulan trailer this week on the DisNeato Podcast.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 59:

The Disney Jersey Shore Cast

With the newest season of Jersey Shore dropping this month Brooke and Andrew go through the original Jersey Shore cast and decide who the Disney equivalents for each character would be.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 58:

Discussion Disneyland Paris with our Co-Worker Phil

We found out recently that our co-worker Phil not only is a listener of the podcast, but went to Disneyland Paris for the first ever Disney Sanctioned Pride Day. So we sat down with him in our office (So audio may be a little echo-y) and got the whole scoop on what went down!

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Aladdin main
DisNeato Podcast Episode 57:

Finally Revealing our thoughts on Aladdin 2019

Last month all 3 of us saw Aladdin and immediately recorded our thoughts but we wanted to give y'all a month to make your own thoughts before we shared ours. Spoiler Alert, we loved it. Enjoy our in-depth discussion on why this movie is magical and why Producer Matt drinks juice like a baby.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 56:

Tarzan's 20 Years Old

This week Disney's Tarzan is 20 years old so we discuss the movie that may have been part of Andrew's awakening by having him cast his ideal live action cast. Let us know who you think should play Tarzan!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 55:

Brooke's Medical Bills, Andrew's Ice Cream and Matt's Disney Trip

It took Brooke and Andrew far too long to remember that Matt had gone to Disney World recently on this weeks episode. Instead they spend the first 10 minutes discussing their medical bills and what Ice Cream they plan to have for dinner.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 54:

Making a Disney Musical with Gleefully Tim

We welcome back the hilarious GleefullyTim (follow him on all social) to create our own Disney Musical adaptations. We discuss how we need more Native American Broadway stars, if Phil is the worst part of Hercules and Brooke is further flabbergasted by Producer Matt's diet.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 53:

Coming to Disney Plus

We don't want to say that this episode was thrown together so what we will say is in an act of desperation we quickly recorded this episode to run down everything coming to DinseyPlus because Producer Matt was leaving for Disney the next day. ENJOY!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 52:

Andrew has beef with the original Aladdin

The Aladdin remake is on the horizon and so we decided to revisit the 1992 original. Unfortunately none of us decided to rewatch the movie, also Andrew didn't disclose to us that he despises this movie. Listen as Brooke struggles to convince Andrew that an adored movie is good.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 51:

Andrew's Florida Vacation

Andrew spent 3 weeks traveling around Florida. While he didn't go to Disney World he did have an amazing time and we got the inside scoop on all of it!

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Disneato episode 1 | DisNeato 2018 Episodes
DisNeato Podcast Episode 50:

Celebrating a Year of Doing This Thing

We've been doing this for a year! So we celebrated our one year/50th episode by taking questions from all our DisNeat-hos.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 49:

An Ode to MGM Studios

This week we're down Andrew and Brooke struggles to not fall asleep while Matt drones on and on about why he loves (loved) Hollywood studios back when it was MGM Studios in honor of it's 30th anniversary.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 48:

The Love and Misery in the Life of Andrew

Just before Andrew took his big vacation he sat down and vented to us about all the stuff pissing him off in life, as well as all the positives of his exciting new love life. We get personal and real this week DisNeathoes, what's the most exciting thing happening in your life?!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 47:

Thoughts on Dumbo and Producer Matt's 6 Year old Appetite

Last month the crew went out for dinner and saw Dumbo on it's opening night. We immediately recorded an episode before Andrew left us for a 3 week trip in Florida (more on that next month) but we decided to hold off on this for a few weeks to all you DisNeathoes time to watch the movie. So here it is (minor) spoilers and all

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 46:

Sorting Disney Characters into their Game of Thrones House

Andrew is on a vacation for his birthday but also doesn't give a damn about Game of Thrones, but worry not dear listener! This week we are honored to be joined by Ashley V. Robinson of the Geek History Lesson podcast. Ashley and Brooke place various Disney characters in their appropriate Game of Thrones house and Ashley tells us about her IndieGoGo campaign for her graphic novel Aurora and the Eagle.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 45:

The Best Disney Film No One Talks About

While there's plenty of undeniable Disney classics this week we want to focus on the film that never gets enough credit. We celebrate the masterpiece that no one ever seems to remember and Disney doesn't pay enough respect to.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 44:

Rewatching Dumbo

With the new Dumbo remake coming out it seemed like a good time for us to revisit the original from 1941. Listen as Brooke, Andrew and Producer Matt slurp down Chick-Fil-A Milkshakes and discuss the extreme racism and alcoholism and bullying that exists inside this Disney classic

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 43:

Brooke and Andrew's 34 Minute Snack Discussion

Strap in because it's about to get weird... the original plan was that we were gonna just hang out and shoot the shit for an episode. Instead Brooke and Andrew got into a deep conversation about the best snacks to get before we watch Dumbo. What's your favorite pre-movie snack?

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 42:

The Disney Debates (Part 2)

The Great Debates continue with discussions over Death in Children films and if a recent Disney Lawsuit was justified or absurd. Who do you think won the debates? Let us know at DisNeatoPodcast@gmail.com

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 41:

The Disney Debates (Part 1)

You sent suggestions and we're gonna debate our assess off. This week in Part 1 Brooke and Andrew break down the topics about the Mulan Cast and IPs in Disney Parks. More to come next week!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 40:

Ursula is a business woman and other Misunderstood Villains

This week we're recording from an undisclosed location to discuss villains who we think are greatly misunderstood. Maybe Scar has more in common with Jon Snow than Joffrey. Maybe Hades isn't a villain at all. Maybe Ursula is just a business woman! Let us know what villains we missed by emailing us at DisNeatoPodcast@gmail.com

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 39:

A Drunken Breakdown of Frozen 2's Trailer

This week Brooke and Andrew try to record without Producer Matt. It was the night before Brooke's birthday and they got a little tipsy and talked about the recently dropped Frozen 2 trailer. Did you love it as much as we did? Let us know at DisNeatoPodcast@gmail.com

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 38:

Jam or Not a Jam

This week Brooke and Andrew sit down and listen to a variety of Disney Cover songs (as selected by Producer Matt) and decide which shows are certified Jams and which ones are trash. Do you agree? Let us know at DisNeatoPodcast@gmail.com

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Disneato episode 1 | DisNeato 2018 Episodes
DisNeato Podcast:

Best of 2018

While we work out the new soundboard we wanted to give you faithful listeners a best of last year episode. If you want to introduce new people to us, send them this!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 37:

Children Games and Bashful Dings

Producer Matt got a children's Disney Game for Christmas so the gang sat down and played a few rounds of it. Listen as we try to figure out which Disney Princess Dress Brooke would want to wear, who Andrew would want to go a Picnic with and which of the Seven Dwarfs Matt thinks would be the best to have as a friend on the DisNeato Podcast.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 36:

Jafar is Stupid Hot

This week Brooke and Andrew discuss their Christmas holiday, getting drunk in an airport in Chicago and how unspeakably hot Jafar looks in the new Aladdin movie.

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Disneato episode 1 | DisNeato 2018 Episodes
DisNeato Podcast Episode 35:

What's Coming in 2019

It's a new year which means a year full of new movies and attractions at the Disney Parks and your favorite loud-mouths are gonna analysis the and break them down. What new things are you most excited for? Let us know by contacting us at DisNeatoPodcast@gmail.com

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Disneato episode 1 | DisNeato 2018 Episodes
DisNeato Podcast Bonus Mini-Episode:

Thanks for a Great Year

Hey Guys, No Episode this week but Producer Matt takes some time to thank you for all your great support and what to expect in 2019 from us!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 34:

It's Christmas Let's Watch The Santa Clause

It's no secret that we here at DisNeato love The Santa Clause so while it's not celebrating any anniversary this year we said screw it and decided to do it as our Christmas Episode! We breakdown the movie, get onto some side tangents and focus on how annoying that little child is.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 33:

Last Second Disney Christmas Gifts

Guys! Christmas is Next Week! I know if you're like me you forgot to buy gifts for all your friends and loved ones. What this means is that you need to get some gifts and fast! So let us help you brain-storm some last second gifts for the Disney lover in your life.

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Disneato episode 1 | DisNeato 2018 Episodes
DisNeato Podcast Bonus Mini-Episode:

Convo with GleefullyTim about Pocahontas

While recording with Tim we (aka Brooke) got onto a weird tangent about Pocahontas that had no place in our Mary Poppins episode but was too funny to not share. ENJOY!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 32:

Talking Mary Poppins with GleefullyTim

We are thrilled to be joined by one of our favorite Instagram friends @gleefullytim. We let him pick any topic he wanted and he selected Mary Poppins from 1964. Needless to say we were more than happy to talk Poppins with him! Do you love Mary Poppins? Whats your favorite and least favorite song in it? Are you stoked for the sequel? 

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 31:

Brooke's First Trip to Disney

After (number redacted)years Brooke has finally seen Disney World. As you can imagine she was thrilled to tell us about what she saw in those 4 days! What's your favorite Disney World attraction? What was your first time in Disney like? 

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 30:

The 5 Year Anniversary of Frozen

It's no secret that Brooke loves Frozen, well now Frozen is 5 years old so we had to do an anniversary celebration. Some people hate this movie though, what camp do you fall into?

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 29:

Robin Hood Turns 45

Robin Hood debuted this month in 1973. For the DisNeato crew we hadn't seen this film for many years and decided it was the perfect time for a classic rewatch. Do you love this movie? Do you hate this movie? Let us know by contacting us at DisNeatoPodcast@gmail.com

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 28:

Disney Trivia Showdown 2018

Who knows the most about Disney? This week producer Matt has constructed 50 questions for Andrew and Brooke to have the Ultimate Trivia Showdown. Questions cover golden age Disney, the parks and random Disney history.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 27:

November Emails and Moana Hair

This week we respond to emails we received from you listeners and then Brooke reads to us out of a Moana hair-stylist book. Do you have a  topic or question for us? Contact us at DisNeatoPodcast@gmail.com

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 26:

Scariest Moments in Disney

Halloween Month is almost over so to celebrate it properly we've decided to sit down and discuss our favorite scary Disney moments. For a company designed for kids, Disney manages to have some terrifying moments whether it's DonkeyChild, Evil Witches or Jars filled with heads. What Disney moment scared you as a kid or even as an adult?

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 25:

20 Years of Halloweentown

It's not secret Brooke and Andrew love Halloweentown, it ranked on their best Disney Channel Original Movie lists, but Producer Matt has never seen it, until now. Enjoy as we watch the movie and record our thoughts. 

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 24:

Hocus Pocus is 25 Years Old!!!!

It was obviously going to happen sooner rather than later. We talk Hocus Pocus!!! We also bring Gia back with us to really give this one the attention it deserves!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 23:

Disney Halloween Costumes

Andrew is in Orlando but Gia is back as we discuss the best Halloween Costumes we've ever had and what future costumes we'd like to try!? Do you have a dope Disney Costume? Tell us about it and send pictures!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 22:

Top 5 Villain Songs

It's October which means it's Halloween time. Halloween means bad guys so this week on DisNeato we break down our top 5 favorite Villain songs. Are your favorite baddies represented?! 

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 21:

October Mailbag And News

It's a news/mailbag episode. We're changing up news a little bit to instead focus with emails and weird conversations not worthy of a full episode. This month we read an email from Chrissy as well as fill out a BuzzFeed quiz on Disney Would You Rathers. Andrew's in Orlando (Without us! Gasp!) so we're joined by Brooke's best friend Gia this week.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 20:

Watching Snow White

A few months ago we watched Sleeping Beauty because Brooke mistook Malficient from being in Snow White. So we figured, might as well also revisit Snow White! So how does it hold up? Listen and find out thoughts. Do you love Snow White? Who's your favorite dwarf?

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 19:

Building a Disney Entourage for a Night on the Town

Brooke and Andrew are ready to get drunk and party but they need to make sure they have a collection of their favorite Disney friends in order to do so! Be warned ... Producer Matt is an idiot who bought cheap batteries so there's a few issues here but hopefully you still have fun! Who would be in your Entourage? 

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 18:

Disney News (September Edition)

We're back with another Email and News episode. We read your emails, discuss the news and share our opinions on the Jack Whitehall casting controversy.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 17:

The One Where Andrew and Brooke Troll Producer Matt For His Inappropriate Topic

So, Producer, Matt took the Wholesome topic of "What Disney Characters Would You Like to Date" and texted us "Start thinking of Which Disney Characters you'd like to f***". This episode is a little risque than usual and may not be for everyone.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 16:

Our Thoughts on Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin came out this month and we all saw it. Was the movie a disappointment or a masterpiece? Listen and hear our thoughts (fairly spoiler free). How did you like Disney's newest film?

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 15:

Moments That Make Us Cry

Disney is great at pulling at our heartstrings, be it a dead parent or a moment of overwhelming joy. This week Brooke and Andrew sit down and discuss the moments that make them cry no matter how many times they see them.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 14:

Watching Sleeping Beauty

Last month Brooke couldn't remember if Maleficent was in Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. So we decided to rewatch Sleeping Beauty, stopping every 30 minutes to discuss our thoughts. It was... interesting. This is one of the most beloved Disney cartoons, but did we love it?

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 13:

Disney News (August Edition)

On this week's episode we go through some news pieces, discuss some noteworthy anniversaries this month and share our thoughts on the James Gunn/Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3 controversy.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 12:

Closed Magic Kingdom Rides with Defunctland's Kevin Perjurer

We are joined by our first guest this week with Kevin Perjurer who you may know from the Defunctland YouTube Channel. Kevin has a book coming soon on the complete history of Magic Kingdom rides so we decided to ask him about his five favorite closed rides.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 11:

Pirates of the Caribbean Turns 15 Years Old

15 Years ago Pirates of the Caribbean came to theaters. Andrew is out again this week and Matt fills in while he and Brooke discuss their memories about seeing the film in theaters and Jack Sparrow mania.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 10:

Top 5 Disney Channel Original Movies

If you were a kid of the 90's or beyond you grew up on the Disney Channel Original Movie. Over 100 have been produced but which ones are the best? Brooke and Andrew rock through their personal top 5s this week on the podcast. Will the entire High School Musical trilogy make the list? What about the Cheetah Girls? What about some lesser known ones with the Lawrence Brothers? Listen to find out!

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 9:

Disney News (July Edition)

Andrew's awesome job is taking him out to Dinner so Producer Matt takes over the co-hosting seat in order to break down the news from the previous month! They talk about some new movie trailers (Dumbo, Wreck it Ralph 2), The Incredibles Box Office Success and a few noteworthy anniversaries happening this month.

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 8:

When Disney Breaks Social Norms

It's Pride Month so this week Brooke and Andrew discuss Gay Days at Disney and look back at all the times Disney Broke Social Norms. Have you ever attended Gay Days of Disney? Who is your favorite non-traditional Disney Character?

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Mulan | DisNeato 2018 Episodes
DisNeato Podcast Episode 7:

Mulan Turns 20 Years Old

This week Brooke and Andrew revisit 1998’s MULAN. Does it hold up? Is Mulan still one of Brooke’s favorite princesses? Was Eddie Murphy the right casting choice? Will this movie be remembered as a classic? Are you a fan? Do you agree with our assessment?

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DisNeato Podcast Episode 6:

Building Mouse Rushmore

This week Matt gave Brooke and Andrew an assignment, Create a Mount Rushmore of Disney Heads. One person spent hours trying to craft the perfect 4 headed structure and the other built 10+ random mounts based on various topics like Sidekicks, villains, heroes, princesses, etc. Who did what? Long time listeners probably already can guess! Who would be on your Mouse Rushmore!?

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Disneato Episode 5 | DisNeato 2018 Episodes
DisNeato Podcast Episode 5:

Disney News (June Edition)

This week the DisNeato Podcast returns with more Disney News. We discuss the newest Christopher Robin Trailer, all the changes coming to the Disney Parks and the upcoming Pixar Pier.

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Disneato Episode 4 | DisNeato 2018 Episodes
DisNeato Podcast Episode 4:

Pixar’s Shared Universe Fan Theory

This week Andrew and Brooke discuss a Listener submitted topic suggested to us by Jenny. Jenny asked that we discuss The Pixar Shared Universe Fan Theory.

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Disneato Episode 3 | DisNeato 2018 Episodes
DisNeato Podcast Episode 3:

Celebrating 20 Years of Animal Kingdom

This week the DisNeato Podcast returns with Brooke and Andrew celebrating 20 Years of Animal Kingdom. What’s your favorite thing about the park?

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DisNeato Bonus Mini-Episode:

Andrew Watched Moana

Here's a quick Mini-Episode we recorded because we finally got Andrew to watch Moana. Here's his thoughts, sorry for the bad audio on Brooke's side.

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Disneato Episode 2 | DisNeato 2018 Episodes
DisNeato Podcast Episode 2:

Top 5 Disney Songs

This week the DisNeato Podcast returns with Brooke and Andrew debating their top 5 favorite Disney songs. Do we name your favorite song?

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Disneato episode 1 | DisNeato 2018 Episodes
DisNeato Podcast Episode 1:

Disney News (May Edition)

In our Debut episode the DisNeato Team of Brooke and Andrew enjoy a glass of wine while discussing News Pieces presented to them by their producer Matt. 

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